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Thursday, 15 April 2010

VENUS IN MANHATTAN by Francisco Robles . Writer and Journalist .

D. Francisco Robles . Writer and Journalist

While Velazquez shows us his Muse, so shy that she turns her back on us and looks in the Crystalline Angel of the looking glass, our Venus in Manhattan, faces up to the spectadors' gaze against a backdrop of edges.
Sharp and vertical lines, coldness of the glass which reflects impossible suns on the feminine curves.
Contrasts between skin and painting .
Building that scrape the sky. Sculptural volumes that take us to the singular Hell of desire.
Her feline gaze, excites, disturbs and awakens instincts that are never completely dormant.
Behind stood a forest of concrete buildings where a hundred thousand eyes looking at The Madonna's voluptuous form, all stared like voyeurs reflecting off into infinity .
For an instant we are the frame of the Velazqueño looking glass. We have the great fortune to admire a wonder of beauty. Hallelujah!
Manhattan is a huge cocktail where there is room for everything from absurdity to reason.
Everything is within that Big Apple where we constantly bite from the fruit of knowledge.
Nude except for shoes, Venus is ready to read the street grid.
What remains is nude. What remains is body. Purity of forms. Hinted Baroque .
Iron substantiality and crystal desire coexist behind the windows of Manhattan .

Good Morning! Manhattan . 2009 . Luccia Lignan
Painting . Self-Portrait . Acrylic on Canvas . 200 cm x 110 cm . Private Collection